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Removals to Switzerland | Moving to Switzerland - Top Tourist Attractions

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Removals to Switzerland: Why Move to Switzerland?

It’s difficult to find anyone with negative opinions about Switzerland. The almost endless list of benefits to the residents also makes for a great list of reasons for the tourist, and is also why many choose to move here after visiting. From quality of life to clean air, thousands of kilometres of cycle paths to the very efficient public transport system, and from the breath-taking scenery to the job opportunities, Switzerland is hard to beat.

Whether you are a first-timer or have lived in the country before, Switzerland offers more attractions than you will ever have time to see or do. There are a large number of both local and international festivals, museums and galleries on every corner, villages in valleys, breath-taking lakes and spectacular mountain landscapes, and all this is concentrated into small country squeezed between five others - Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein.

The size of the country is another bonus, with major attractions close to one another and, thanks to the excellent public transport system, easy to get to. It is split into three major geographical areas: the Alps, the Mittelland, or ‘middle land’ that hosts many of the big cities and lakes, and the Jura in the north, including the city of Basel and the river Rhein.

Here are just some of the highlights, Switzerland has to offer.

Removals to Switzerland - click here for full information on our removals to Switzerland service or contact us now to discuss your move.

Moving to Switzerland - The Alps

The Alps occupy over half of Switzerland, and extend from the east of France to the west of Germany and Austria, bordered by Italy in the south. Perhaps the most famous of all the peaks is The Matterhorn, with the beautiful village of Zermatt in the Valais region. Situated at the foot of The Matterhorn, the village is traffic-free, and only accessible by train, which winds its way around mountains and over gorges. Full of half-timbered chalets, old houses and cabins, with a number of restaurants and shops, it offers over 250 miles of marked footpaths in the summer, and clean and white snow for the skiers in winter. Gondolas and cable cars will take you to the peaks and glaciers, with mountain top restaurants, and why not take the popular cogwheel railway to nearby Gornergrat for stunning views of the Alps.

The alpine region (or canton) of Graubunden is an exciting playground the whole year round. You can bike or hike through over 150 valleys, such as Engadin, in summer and ski in the mountain dry air in winter. Take a journey on the Rhatische Bahn, a 230 mile private train track with bridges, viaducts and tunnels through the countryside to take in the sights before returning to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of resorts like Davos and St Moritz, and the city of Zurich is only an hour away.

Moving to Switzerland - Lake Geneva

Switzerland has 16 lakes with a surface area larger than 10 square km, and hundreds of other smaller ones. The best known is probably Lake Geneva, known locally as Lac Léman, or Lac de Genève, which shares the border with France and has a number of notable cities on its shore including Lausanne, Montreux, Vevey and Geneva on the Swiss side, and Evian on the French. It is the largest lake in Europe, and after major work to restore the waters of the lake in the last 30 years, it now hosts a long list of leisure activities including sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and yacht racing.

Geneva itself, often referred to as the ‘peace capital of the world’, is the headquarters of many international organisations such as the Red Cross and is among the top three cities in the world for quality of life. A paradise for luxury goods and high-end accommodation, shoppers should head for Rue Basses, Rue du Rhone, Rue de la Confédération, Rue du Marché, Rue de la Croix-d'Or and Rue du Mont-Blanc.

The city has the world’s tallest fountain (the Jet d’Eau), the Orchestra of the Suisse Romande, the Opera House, the St Pierre Cathedral and numerous galleries and museums including the Red Cross, the Natural History and the Horology, where you can find out about the importance of clock and watch making to the local economy.

By contrast, Switzerland’s southern most region, Italian speaking Ticano, including the lakeside resorts of Lugano and Locarno, boast of a Mediterranean Riviera like atmosphere, and thanks to their subtropical climate and you will find palm trees, magnolias and chestnuts growing happily.

This has barely scratched the surface of Switzerland’s attractions, and each region on its own has more than enough to keep you occupied for a number of years. If you’re moving to Switzerland, scheduling your spare time needs to be high on your list.

Removals to Switzerland - click here for full information on our removals to Switzerland service or contact us now to discuss your move.

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