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Removals to Switzerland: Moving to Switzerland: Summer in Switzerland

Removals to Switzerland mean the start of a whole new life for either family or work reasons and those that do move to this beautiful country can benefit from its stunning countryside, snow and winter sports and its glorious summer weather!

Whatever your reasons for moving, Hamiltons can help with all aspects of removals to Switzerland and can turn your dream of moving to Switzerland into a reality. Our professional service for removals to Switzerland will save you time and money and take the stress out of your house move.

Removals to Switzerland with Hamiltons are provided for all domestic and commercial moves to and from the UK and Europe. With the exclusive use of a vehicle you can arrange specific collection and delivery dates of your belongings, or take advantage of our part load service where multiple collections from several people making removals to Switzerland, share one lorry. We also provide shipping to Switzerland via container or air freight from most international destinations.

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Moving to Switzerland - Summer Weather

The weather in Switzerland is dominated by the Alps that run from east to west across the county, and weather conditions are dependent on your position in relation to those mountains. Therefore it’s important to check the precise region when looking at weather forecasts.

In the urban areas the climate is reasonably temperate all year round but in general anything south of the Alps will be slightly warmer than places north of the mountain range and of course snow and ice prevail on the very peak of those mountains regardless of the season. Average temperatures in July in Zurich for example are 64 F, 17.7 C whereas Geneva in the South has a slightly warmer July mean temperature of 67F, 19.2C.

In general Switzerland enjoys a very all round moderate climate with no real extremes of heat or cold, but in summer, which lasts from June to September, maximum temperatures can reach up to 35C, 95F and the weather is drier than at other times of the year.

Summer also brings out the natural beauty of Switzerland, with the famous alpine flowers at the height of their colour and fragrance in June and July. Evenings in summer can see a sudden dip in temperature for a chilly night along with summer storms and some night time rain. It is this balance of sunshine in the daytime and rain at night that helps keep the countryside green and lush all year round.

Moving to Switzerland - Lifestyle in Summer

When summer comes the Swiss head for hills, or the water! If temperatures do soar to the heights of 95F then the place to go is the mountains for an alpine retreat or one of the many lakes to cool off. Walking and hiking in the hills and the Alps is always popular and some of the lakes, like Lake Lugano in the south, even have man-made sandy beaches and palm trees for a summer holiday feel. 

However, with 8.6million visitors coming to Switzerland every year, summer is often the time when the Swiss explore and go off to visit the other countries they have borders with. Germany, Italy and France are all in easy reach by car or train.

For those staying at home to enjoy the summer the emphasis is very much on outdoor living, with clean air and a mild sunny climate to enjoy. As well as the mountains and lakes there are many wide open, green spaces for the Swiss people to relax in over the summer, such as the Swiss National Park in Zernez and several nature parks, like Parc Ela in Savognin which is the country’s largest regional nature park.

Work life balance in Switzerland is one of the best in Europe and indeed recently Switzerland was voted the sixth best country in the world for its attitude to a good work life balance. Switzerland has many public holidays, some national and some regional for a particular canton. The biggest of these is the Swiss national day on 1st August, when most banks and public institutions close.

Moving to Switzerland - Summer Activities

Removals to Switzerland customers will find that summer is full of activities here and there are many tourist destinations to visit.

A major sightseeing trail is the 35-kilometer long Swiss Path, which starts on the Rütli Mountain, and leads around Lake Urn, ending in Brunnen at Platz der Auslandschweizer. This hiking path has many other sights along the way including the old Axenstrasse, the little castle of Beroldingen and the Tell Chapel.

Nature and outdoor living is a huge part of the Swiss summer and one very popular attraction is the Nature Park Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut situated between Lake Geneva, La Gruyère and Pays D'Enhaut. This important nature reserve combines areas of outstanding beauty with alpine forests and pastures, wide valleys and dramatic rock faces, with man-made features such as local buildings and bridges made from stone, wood and slate, and historic monuments like the monastery at Valsainte and the ‘Grand Chalet’ in Rossinière. This area is also famous for its cheese making and produces Gruyère, L'Etivaz and Vacherin.

As well as mountains and green natural areas the Swiss countryside is also dominated by water with spectacular lakes such as Lake Geneva, Lake Toma and Lake Biel. The other important body of water in Switzerland is the river Rhine and at Neuhaussen you can visit Europe’s largest waterfall, the Rhine Falls. Circular tours of the falls are available for you to observe this natural wonder up close, standing on platforms that protrude out over the river. Riverboat tours can take you from the Rhine Falls to the nearby castles of Wörth and Laufen.

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