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Moving House Switzerland: International Schools

If you are organising UK removals to Switzerland and are settling in the country with family, the good news is that the standard of education is excellent. However, although it has a superb the state-run system, if you are living in Switzerland then you may want to consider sending your child to an international school. Here, your child will gain an internationally recognised qualification or benefit from an education similar to that in Britain, so they will be able to move gently back into the UK school system once you return.

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Meanwhile, if you require UK removals to Switzerland, here’s the run down on some of the country’s top international schools. We have been unable to mention all the international schools here, but here are just some of the best. It is worthwhile researching and visiting the schools in your canton to find the right one for your child.

Some Top International Schools in Switzerland

British School of Geneva

Students from more than 40 nationalities represented at the British School of Geneva. It is the ideal choice for children who want to continue following the English national curriculum and is open to students between the ages of five, right the way through to A-levels. Classes are small too, as you can expect a maximum of 16 students per class, with ten pupils per A-level class. Founded in 2005, the school has been purpose built for learning. Facilities include science labs, three IT premises, a dining hall, library, music room, theatre and nurses’ station.  

The International Cottage in Vevey

The English-speaking International Cottage in Vevey has a spectacular location overlooking Lake Geneva. It was founded by an expat family who wanted something suitable for their children in the Vevey area, and has a strong emphasis on green development. One of the many benefits of the school is its excellent student teacher ratio, as it has just one teacher for every eight students. The school is expanding too and is set to open a second campus next year (in 2014). This will enable the school to accommodate 145 children up to the age of 15.

Gstaad International School

The exclusive Gstaad International School is set in picturesque surroundings in a stunning ski resort overlooking the Alps. Classes are small and are geared to the standard of the student, so they are placed in a class according to ability, rather than age. It is an academically challenging school, founded in the early 1960’s, and is considered one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive boarding schools. Along with its full academic programme, it has a fantastic range of extra-curricular activities, including white water rafting, horse riding, paragliding and even zip-lining!

International School of Berne

Founded in 1962, The International School of Berne gives a quality education to the children of expats living in Switzerland. This truly multi-national school takes in pupils from 40 different countries, and covers a wide age range from early years, right through to the 12th grade. It offers all three International Baccalaureate programmes to its 250 students, and also offers a fully-recognised US high school education. As well as its strong academic emphasis, the school is involved in the Swiss city's international community, with a full programme of activities and sports.

International School of Zurich

The International School of Zurich was founded in 2001 and is an amalgamation of two schools – the American International School of Zurich and the International Primary School of Zurich. It has grown dramatically in size and now accommodates 1,500 students across five different campuses. The students, aged from two to 18 years, are representative of more than 50 different nationalities.

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