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Moving to Switzerland - Renting a House in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a very popular destination for British nationals to relocate too. There is a high standard of living with excellent schools and medical services. Switzerland benefits from low rates of tax and setting up your own business is quicker and easier to do than in the UK or other parts of Europe. Indeed taxes are a deducible business expense in Switzerland making it even more attractive for potential entrepreneurs.

The country is renown for its stunning natural beauty. The Alps are its backbone and present a beautiful backdrop of snowy mountains as well as providing one of the major tourism industries in the country with skiing. Hiking and walking in the countryside are popular too and Switzerland is home to some dramatic scenery with lakes and it’s famous clean mountain air.

Switzerland has many popular cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Montreux, Basel, Lausanne and the capital Bern.

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Here we will look at the process of renting a property in Switzerland.

Renting a Property in Switzerland

A good first step when deciding where to live in Switzerland is to rent a property. There are many websites available to assist with this and it is also wise to check out the listings in the local newspapers and speak to letting agents. Accommodation is generally rented unfurnished however you will often find a cooker, refrigerator and dishwasher are provided.

The first thing to do is make appointments and visit as many different types of property as possible to get a good idea of what is available. Many Swiss landlords like to meet prospective tenants personally so even if you are using a letting agency the landlord will often attend the viewing or want to meet you first before the agency will accept your application to rent.

Letting agencies and owners of rental properties like to match the size of house to the tenants. If you are on your own or just a couple with no family don’t expect be get a four bedroom house as the Swiss don’t consider this a good use of space. Also be prepared to expand your options and look just outside a city or town, as rents may be cheaper. Public transport is excellent in Switzerland and train stations positioned on the outskirts will still get you to the centre of a town in 10 minutes - so commuting in is very quick and easy.

Once you have been accepted to rent a property there is paperwork to fill in and references will be asked for and tested. You will need to show a valid work permit, your passport, and the past three month's pay slips with a letter from your employer confirming your salary. If you have lived in Switzerland over 6 months you will need to show an official document proving you are debit free and not wanted by the police for any reason.

Rental rates are similar to other areas of Europe in Switzerland although some very sort after places such as Zurich and Geneva can be more expensive. The rates will differ between cantons, but as a rule of thumb rent should be between one quarter and one third of your salary. You will need to give a 3 month deposit which is returnable when you leave along with any interest accrued over the time your have rented. If you are renting a flat then you will also need to budget for building maintenance costs and utilities. When renting a house you will pay for house maintenance, which includes the upkeep of water pipes, gutters, garden and chimney plus utilities.

In Switzerland over seventy percent of the population rents their housing, giving the Swiss the highest percentage of residents living in rented accommodation than any other country in Europe. A lease on a rented property will generally last one year and tenant rights are excellent. As long as you pay your rent on time landlords can have no other reason to evict from a premises but should there be any disputes it is recommended that you join your local tenants’ association.

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