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Moving to Switzerland - Switzerland's Top Cities

Hamilton’s provide removals to Switzerland, for all domestic and commercial moves. Whether you require shipping to Geneva the home of the International Red Cross and the European seat of the UNO for work, or are moving to Zurich the fashion capital of Switzerland with it’s thriving club scene, or require removals to Bern to take advantage of the buzz of being in Switzerland’s capital with the historic parliament building, shopping arcades and sophisticated night-life - Hamilton’s can help.

With a location in Norfolk UK only 150 miles away from the Channel Tunnel removals to Switzerland with Hamilton’s are fuss free and professionally handled to give you complete peace of mind.

We offer a full range of removals to Switzerland and shipping to Switzerland from the UK, Europe and most overseas destinations. We cater for all sizes of moves - from the smallest part load to multiple dedicated lorries / containers. Where required, urgent items can also be sent by air freight. Removals to Switzerland can include packing, unpacking and storage or just the transportation of your belongings. As part of your removals to Switzerland service, you can even take advantage of our Moving Maid Easy service and have your previous UK and new Swiss residences expertly cleaned.

Removals to Switzerland are popular because of its high standard of living, prosperous economy, natural beauty and low taxes. Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, which can give families with children excellent opportunities to learn several European languages.

Many people who undertake removals to Switzerland choose to live in the city essentially for work reasons. If you prefer the urban life then Switzerland’s cities are alive with arts and culture, shopping, cafés and restaurants, nightclubs, theatres and casinos to suit every lifestyle and taste.

With so many beautiful cities, it can be hard to decide where to move. This guide provides an overview of Switzerland's top cities and what they have to offer.

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Bern is Switzerland’s capital city but surprisingly has only half the population of Zurich. Due to its size it has retained much of it’s 12th century charm and the old city, with sandstone architecture, narrow winding streets and fountains is now one of UNESCO Cultural World Heritage sites. Bern is the political centre of Switzerland with the parliament building open to visitors throughout the year. The city is also famous for its lines of undercover shopping arcades stretching over 6 kilometers and the longest weatherproof shopping centre in Europe.

Culture is a huge part of life in Bern with jazz and dance festivals in early spring and summer and a festival of street music with buskers in August. Markets are important in Bern with the Onion market in November attracting fans of the vegetable from all over the world.

There are also many art galleries and museums in Bern with it housing the biggest collection of work by the artist Paul Klee along with a museum solely dedicated to the genius of Albert Einstein. Probably Bern’s best-known landmark is the Bear Pits. Bears are Bern’s heraldic beasts and a visit to see them eat carrots is a must.

The river Aare is a haven for bathers in summer with its pure clean water. The Houses of Parliament and the Botanical Gardens are both situated along its banks and it provides a focal point for visitors and locals alike for the city.


Zurich has an amazingly high standard of living with excellent education, health care and transport infrastructure system. As the business and economic centre of Switzerland, Zurich is often the place top multinational companies wish to relocate their employees to. It is also home to the Zurich University and science and research centres and is a haven for students and academia.

However Zurich isn’t just about work and study. It is the fashion capital of Switzerland and home to exciting young Swiss designers along with high-end European boutiques, which specialize not just in clothes but jewellry, watches and bags too. Largely due to the student population Zurich boasts the highest number of clubs in any Swiss city. The nightlife scene doesn’t get going until around 11pm and parties on until the early hours of the morning.

There’s plenty of culture in Zurich too with 14 of its 50 museums devoted to art and The Swiss National museum is a must for any visitor.


The French-speaking city of Geneva is known as the capital of peace. It houses the headquarters of the United Nations, the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation and is home to many diplomats and high-ranking politicians from all over the world making it a very multicultural place to live and work.

The beautiful Lake Geneva, with its famous 140 metre high water jet fountain the Jet d’eau, is home to many hotels and fine restaurants on its shores to cater for the many tourists who visit. Pleasure cruises across the lake are available as is a water taxi to just ferry you from one side to the other.

Geneva has a thriving theatre and cultural arts scene with the Grand Théâtre and Geneva Opera House attracting performers from all over the world. The famous Swiss watch is celebrated in a museum dedicated to its history along with exhibitions on one of Switzerland’s other famous exports, the Cuckoo clock.

The heart of Geneva is its old town, which is dominated by the St. Pierre Cathedral, the north tower of which offers stunning views across the city and the lake.


Switzerland’s third largest city is Basel situated in the North West of the country on both sides of the Rhine River. Basel’s geographical position means it is just a short distance to get to both France and Germany and this makes this city a cultural centre for Europe not just Switzerland. The Rhine dominates the cities industry with imports and exports being key to its finances. Because Basel is situated on the Rhine it is the only Swiss city with an outlet to the ocean and is considered a seaport in this landlocked country. The river isn’t just about heavy industry though and does provide picturesque views for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Basel has a strong musical tradition being home to the symphony orchestra and the chamber orchestra. Musical theatre is popular here along with a variety of classical and modern shows at the Basel Theatre and the Playhouse.

For the environmentally aware Basel is a green city with lots of open parks and spaces along the Rhine breathing life back into this industrial area. It is home to the Botanical gardens as well as Switzerland’s largest zoo.

In October every year Basel plays host to the Davidoff Swiss Indoors, one of the most influential and important tennis tournaments on the circuit and Switzerland’s biggest international sports event.


Lausanne is the second largest city on the banks of Lake Geneva and known throughout the world as the Olympic capital. Since 1914 the International Olympic Committee have been based here and Lausanne is also home to a museum devoted to the story and the history of the Olympics. In fact sport in general is a major factor of life in Lausanne with the

Tour de Romandie a professional cycling race through western Switzerland in April and May, the Athletissima in July an international, world-class track and field athletics meeting, and the Lausanne Marathon.

The city is built on three hills, surrounded by vineyards and looking down over Lake Geneva. Being built on an incline means transportation can be difficult so parts of Lausanne are practically car free, especially the old town with its narrow winding streets. The city has Switzerland’s only Metro underground system to connect various areas.

Lausanne’s cathedral is regarded as Switzerland’s most remarkable example of early Gothic architecture and the old town still has many of its medieval buildings.

Culture and fun meet in Lausanne with a huge cultural festival in July every year with over 120 free events or shows in the old town.

Lausanne is the home to the Béjart Ballet, Switzerland’s premier ballet company and also stages an international ballet competition for young dancers in January.

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