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Removals to Switzerland - Celebrating Swiss National Day

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Hamiltons provide full or part load removals as well as removals for specialist goods, such as motor vehicles, pets, antiques and other valuables. Our staff can also arrange long or short term storage of your possessions, cleaning and packing.

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As you settle in your new country, you will most likely want to immerse yourself in the Swiss culture and there is plenty of opportunity do to this as there are a number of festivals held throughout the year. Most notable of these is Swiss National Day which is celebrated in each canton.

What is Swiss National Day?

If you require removals to Switzerland to settle here, Swiss National Day is celebrated throughout the country on August 1st. It has been a national holiday since 1994 so an added bonus is that workers are given at least some of the day off to join in the festivities!

The history of Swiss National Day dates back to 1291. It marks the alliance formed by the cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden, and was the foundation upon which Switzerland was built. 

Swiss National Day is a bank holiday in Switzerland, offering plenty of fun for the whole family. Each Swiss commune has their own celebrations although Basel celebrates the occasion one day early on July 31st.

What to Expect on Swiss National Day

A series of events are held at local level and these include anything from fireworks, fokelore events, shooting contests, torchlight processions, speeches, music, barbecues, dancing, bonfires and food tents.

If you require removals to Switzerland, you will find several activities taking place in your region. However, some of these events are more well-known than others and these are fantastic to experience at first hand.

One of the most spectacular sights is the 25 metre high waterfalls, Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen which is lit up on the national holiday.

Another big celebration is at the Rutli Meadow, Uri, situated above Lake Lucerne. It is a big family event which has a particular significance as it was here that the pledge of alliance was made. It is a colourful family event with music, dance, speeches and people dressed in national costume.

What to Eat on Swiss National Day?

If you are looking for a something special to eat to mark the day, each region and canton of Switzerland has its own specialities.

However, one thing that you would expect to see on Swiss National Day is Augustweggen, a sweet bread baked especially for this occasion. Each of the little rolls are marked with the national flag.

Another bread that you can find on the day, wherever you are in the country, is Butterzoph. This is a type of braided bread made with butter, milk and Kirsh and its name literally means “Butter plait.”

It is eaten for breakfast on Sundays, although it is often presented to a host on a special day, such as Swiss National Day. It can be eaten on its own or with sweet or savoury accompaniments.

World Wide Celebrations on Swiss National Day

Swiss National Day is not just held in Switzerland -  there are various events that are held world-wide. Events even take place as far afield as Africa where in 2007 16 kilograms of cheese was imported to Zimbabwe to mark the event.

In the USA, the biggest event is generally held in Manhattan, New York and brings thousands of spectators a year. Other US celebrations take place in the grounds of the Swiss embassy in Washington and in Swiss Park in Los Angeles where spectators can enjoy traditional music, dance and food.

Festivities are also held closer to home with annual events both in Berlin as well as Paris. Among the celebrations here are fireworks and the chance to sample traditional Swiss food such as raclette - which is a type of cheese as well as a traditional dish featuring this cheese.

Did you know that Swiss National Day is celebrated in the famous Betty’s six-strong chain of caf├ęs in Yorkshire, UK? The day falls on Yorkshire Day and the two events are celebrated together. This is because Betty’s and Taylors of Harrogate has links with Switzerland. It was founded by a Swiss baker in the early part of the 20th century.

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