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Removals to Switzerland - Transport in Switzerland

Hamiltons offer first class removals to Switzerland. We have 20 years experience in overseas removals, including shipping to Switzerland in 20 ft or 40 ft containers, and provide weekly removals to Switzerland or a special service where you can specify the dates of your move.

We are specialists in removals to Switzerland and our experienced team will carefully pack, move and ship your possessions, valuables and household goods to your new location. We also provide short and long term storage and can organise the cleaning of the property you are vacating to ensure a stress-free move from start to finish.

Hamiltons provide competitively priced domestic and commercial removals to Switzerland and shipping to Switzerland. In addition to our full and part load service, we can also transport oversized or bulky goods such as harps, pianos, vehicles, and other specialist items.

If you are considering removals to Switzerland, it may be that you are intending to bring your car over to the country. Whether or not you bring your own vehicle, it is most likely you will want to find out about public transport in Switzerland for short or long term journeys. Here we will provide a brief run-down on public transport in Switzerland and what to expect.

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Switzerland is Eco-Friendly

When it comes to being green, Switzerland tops the eco-friendly chart, according to Yale University’s Environmental Performance index. And, as well as clean water and sanitation, it takes a tough stance on pollution. Certainly one of the ways to promote cleaner air is to have an excellent public transport system.

Whether you are living in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva or anywhere else in the country, Switzerland’s public transport system is superb, with clean buses and punctual trains. It is a bike friendly country too and has both short and long distance cycle paths. Many Swiss cities offer bike rentals.

However, if you would prefer a more adventurous way of getting about, you can have a go at in-line skating! Switzerland has three routes specifically designated to in-line skating and these are the Mittelland Route, the Rhine Route and the Rhone Route. These all offer a great way to take in some of the country’s fantastic scenery.

Cycling in Switzerland

Although in-line skating is a good way to keep fit, it is not for everybody. A less adventurous way of getting out and about in an eco-friendly way is by bicycle and there is certainly plenty of opportunity for cycling in Switzerland. The country is a very bike friendly nation, which means there’s every chance to get out and about in the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery and get fit at the same time.

In many parts of the country, such as Geneva and Bern, you can hire a bike for four hours free of charge at certain times of the year. All you have to do is show some ID and hand over a refundable deposit of 20 CHF and, after the first four hours, you pay just 1CHF an hour. Basel is another cycle friendly city and has many cycle lanes clearly marked throughout the city. Zurich has several cycle paths, as does Geneva, where you can get a copy of the Velo-Love plan de ville, to find out where the best cycle routes are.

Buses in Switzerland

If you are not planning on bringing a car to Switzerland, the good news is the country has one of the world’s most efficient public transport systems. Some of the more remote and mountainous areas of the country are not accessible by train, but you can reach most villages and hamlets by bus. You will find bus stops outside every main train station and timetables are clearly displayed at the stops. Buses and trams are also available for inner city travel.

If you are travelling within a canton - Geneva, for instance - the bus/tram ticket can also be used for train travel. Travel further afield costs more, but regional tickets are available. For travel in Switzerland, in most incidences, you buy and validate your ticket before boarding or you could risk a fine.

Tram/Light Rail in Switzerland

You can get out and about by tram or light rail services in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Bern and Zurich. There is also the availability of metro system in Lausanne and these tickets are sold at machines at all stops. The price of the ticket depends on how far you are travelling and the distance is determined by a zone system.

Trains in Switzerland

Swiss trains are very efficient and are a great way to get out and about within the country. You can also use the train to reach destinations further afield. The national railway company is SBB and goes to most destinations in Switzerland.

Airports in Switzerland

The biggest international airport in Switzerland is Zurich Airport, which handled 24 million passengers in 2011 and is the main centre for Swiss International Airlines. Other major airports are Geneva International Airport and Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg and smaller international airports are Bern Airport and Lugano Airport.

Removals to Switzerland - click here for full information on our removals to Switzerland service or contact us now to discuss your move.

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